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Hola! 👋

My name is Adrià López
Here you can find my side projects and read about what I do online

You can find me on Twitter as @adlpz iconTwitter as @adlpz where I do most of my building in public and general nonsense talking. My open source projects are hosted on Github iconGithub. For professional enquiries, please contact me on LinkedIn iconLinkedIn.

I am available for hire as a tech consultant and freelance developer at my company Prealfa iconPrealfa where I focus on early-stage MVP development. I also offer web and ecommerce development services through YDEVS iconYDEVS.

I offer online courses on several topics including MVP building, SaaS, low-code and no-code solutions, IA, and more. You can find them on, which is one of my products.

Finally, you can always reach me by Email iconEmail.


These are my current active focus and where I'm spending most of my time

Launched 🚀 icon is an e-learning platform based on Notion. You can create your own courses fully within Notion, track progress, issue certificates and fully integrate with your existing automations through a complete API. icon allows accessing 🇪🇺-based bank accounts through as simple REST API. It also implements full integration with Make (Integromat).

Here are other little experiments I've been tinkering with

Launched 🚀
Squaretweet Noisy icon

Squaretweet Noisy

First tool in the SquareTweet project. Noisy tells you who are your noisiest followed users on Twitter.
In development 🛠
Tauleta icon


Tauleta is the missing database editor for Notion. Edit your Notion databases in a familiar spreadsheet interface.
Launched 🚀
Tipsy Mom icon

Tipsy Mom

Tipsy Mom is a basic tool to keep track of your drinks and always stay in the tipsy zone. Built 95% with GPT-4 to experiment with the tech.
Launched 🚀
Hacker News Classics icon

Hacker News Classics

A database of all articles in Hacker News that include a (year) in the title and received over 100 points.